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Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc. grants certain users the right to view, copy and print the contents of the Financial Professionals section of the web site with the following conditions:  An effective selling agreement must be in place, the user must register for this service and agree to use the material for its intended purpose.  Broker and Broker-Dealer Use Only materials are for information purposes only and may not be reproduced, shown or quoted to members of the public or used as sales literature.  The information may not be modified, reused or re-posted without written permission of Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc.  Downloadable sales literature, identified on the Financial Distributors web site as being for use with the public, must be used in its entirety solely for the promotion and sale of products and services of the Lincoln Financial Group-affiliated companies and may not be modified or re-posted without written permission of Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc.  Certain information provided within the Financial Professionals web site may be used with the offering of securities only if preceded or accompanied by a prospectus.  Prospectuses contain more complete information on fees and expenses and should be read carefully before investing.

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