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Lincoln's Legacy is designed to inspire the hopes and dreams of children and young adults with stories of those who have achieved the American dream. That's why we're recording interviews with influential people who can help make the connection between the history of freedom, opportunity and equality in America — and the promise Lincoln's Legacy holds today.

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We want to motivate young people with powerful words and inspirational stories. Our goal is to record and collect a variety of interviews and a range of stories. Ultimately, we will develop an educational curriculum around these stories and plan to distribute it free to schools and community centers across the country.
Lincolns legacy Julian Bond
Making a Difference

Julian Bond, an American social activist and Civil Rights leader, passed away August 15, 2015. He shares his own oral history in an interview with his grandchildren, and implores the younger generation to expand freedom and equality.

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Living the legacy

Andrew Young, a civil rights activist, politician and pastor, reflects on the struggle for civil rights.

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