Making coverage choices

Life is full of choices. Depending on what stage of life you’re in, the right choice may not always stay the same. Discover the best benefits for every stage of your life.

Here’s how your lifestyle, priorities and plans can help you make the best benefit decisions now and in the future.

Are you?


Single and independent
You’re on your own and enjoying your independence. You need a steady income to pay your bills and expenses, but you want to live well, too.

Short- and long-term disability insurance can help replace your income if you’re ill or injured and unable to work.

Accidents happen. You can get cash in your pocket to help cover expenses.

Keep your teeth healthy, and control costs.

Take care of your eyes with coverage for routine, preventive and diagnostic care.

Married and building assets

These are building years for your career, home, financial plan and a new life together. As your plans get bigger, so do your expenses.

Protect your paycheck in case you or your spouse can’t work while recovering from a short- or long-term illness or injury.

Provide your spouse with protection for their finances and lifestyle.

Get a cash benefit for covered accidental injuries and critical illnesses, to be used however you wish.

Dental insurance helps you keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Take care of your eyes with coverage for routine, preventive and diagnostic care.

Parents and on-the-go

Every day is a new experience for a parent. You want to protect everything that’s important to your family.

Everyday expenses don’t stop if you’re unable to work due to an illness or injury. Whether it’s for a few weeks or many months, make sure everyone’s needs are covered.

Protect your family from debt, maintain their lifestyle and provide for your children’s education —even after you’re gone.

Life moves quickly — and so do kids. Here’s how to get a cash benefit in the event of an accident.

When there’s a critical illness, a cash benefit can help your family cover expenses and stay secure.

Everyone in your family has different dental needs. Cover them with this comprehensive plan.

This full-service plan has it covered— glasses, contacts, regular checkups.

Mature and established

You’ve worked hard and have a solid foundation. But you still need to plan for the future.

You’re still earning and need to protect your income. Short- and long-term disability insurance can replace your income if you aren’t able to work.

Be sure your spouse can maintain their financial independence after you’re gone.

Accidents happen. You can get cash in your pocket to cover expenses.

You don’t want your family to worry about money if you develop a serious illness. A critical illness cash benefit can help.

Your dental needs may change over the years. Be sure you have a solid dental plan.

Keep your eyesight sharp at every age.