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Take charge of your retirement

This site is intended for current and former employees and associates of Lincoln Financial Group such as participants in the LNC Employees' 401(k) Savings Plan and the LNL Agents' 401(k) Savings Plan. If you’ve reached this page in error, click here to be redirected.


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Welcome to the Lincoln Retirement Info Center

Whether you’re just starting out or have been participating in Lincoln retirement plans for years, you’ll find investment and retirement planning information here to help you build your retirement savings. Our tiered investment lineup helps you create a diversified portfolio. You determine how involved you want to be and choose the corresponding investment option from the available tiers. Learn more about our tiered investment lineup.

Retirement plan statements are moving to eDelivery!

Earlier this year, Retirement Plan Services transitioned most of its Alliance and Director plans to electronic delivery (“eDelivery”) of quarterly statements.  Beginning with Q1 2021 statements, which will be available in early April, the LNC Employees’ 401(k) Savings Plan (along with the LNL Agents’ 401(k) Savings Plan, and the two Money Purchase plans) will also be moving to eDelivery.  We want you to have access to your account information, anytime and anywhere you want, in a secure manner. That is why Lincoln has decided to go paperless with your retirement statements — for safety, efficiency, convenience, and speed.  (And saving quite a few trees feels good too!)

If you have already elected to receive your statements electronically, then no further action is required. If you are currently receiving paper statements, you can continue to access them online, but will no longer receive a paper copy in your mailbox unless you affirmatively make an election to do so.  Please take the time to record your preference as described below!  

  • If you never registered for web access, please do so now at  LincolnFinancial.com/Register.
  • If you would like to receive an alert when new retirement statements are posted to your account, log into your account at  LincolnFinancial.com and select your retirement plan.  Scroll down the page and select “My Communication Preferences” from “My Preferences”.  Choose “Go Paperless for All Documents” at the top of the page to receive a notification when statements and other documents are available.  Click “Save Changes”, accept the terms and conditions, and you’re done!
  • If you prefer paper statements and want to keep receiving them, you can log into your account at  LincolnFinancial.com/Retirement and select your retirement plan. Scroll down the page and select “My Communication Preferences” from “My Preferences”, then select “Mail” for your delivery method and click “Save Changes”.  You may also opt into paper statements by calling 800-234-3500.  There is no charge for paper statements.

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