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Sequence of returns risk in retirement - Wade D. Pfau, Ph.D., CFA®

Sequence of returns risk in retirement — Lifetime income guarantees in annuities

Lifetime income guarantees provide a way to pool longevity risk and to hedge market volatility risk, allowing for a higher distribution rate than a client may be comfortable with when these assets are managed fully within an unprotected investment portfolio. Because of this risk pooling aspect, payout rates may be higher for annuities than sustainable portfolio withdrawal rates for investments. This white paper addresses the role of an annuity with an income guarantee rider to reduce exposure to sequence of returns risk in retirement. 

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Rethinking retirement - Wade D. Pfau, Ph.D., CFA® and Wade Dokken

What are sustainable withdrawal rates for retirees?  

The combination of sequence of returns and longevity risk creates the possibility that retirees may not be able to support their desired lifestyle in retirement. Historically, 4% has been considered a conservative initial spending rate to self-manage these risks. However, the analysis in this white paper, “Rethinking Retirement: Sustainable Withdrawal Rates for New Retirees in 2016,” by Wade Pfau (PhD, CFA®) and Wade Dokken, suggests this is not the case, and that the 4% Rule is significantly more risky for today’s retirees who face fees, low bond yields, market volatility, and extended longevity. The “safe withdrawal rate” is considerably lower for new retirees.

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Look Beyond Asset Allocation - Legg Mason

Diversified asset allocation is a tried and true investment strategy. Equally important (and sometimes more so) is asset location. Selecting which investment vehicle(s) to use becomes increasingly important when investors have larger and more diverse portfolios. Find out why. The white paper “Location, Location, Location” from Legg Mason, a leading global investment company, provides the asset location insight for you to execute diverse and tax­-aware investment plans.


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The Search for Income in a Low Interest Rate Environment

As today’s short-term investment returns remain in the low single digits, retirees struggle to find investments that provide higher income. Read how Dr. Richard Marston explores four solutions to a successful retirement strategy.

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Reaching Unique Goals with Trust Planning Strategies

Trusts can play a vital role in outcomes-based planning for many individuals. This paper reviews trust planning opportunities and tax rules influencing trust ownership of annuities and life insurance.

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The Importance of Tax Planning

The financial services industry has conducted extensive research of retiring baby boomers, yet most studies focus on retirement aspirations or investment attitudes. View the results of a Spectrem Group study about the financial needs of retirees and the significance of tax planning.

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