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Improve your financial health with Lincoln WellnessPATH®

Educate yourself on student loans 

Student loans have become a popular way to finance a college education. However, accumulating debt can significantly affect your everyday finances and long-term goals.  These materials (PDF) can help educate you on strategies to manage existing student debt and on ways to save for college to minimize future loans.

Raising financially savvy kids

Giving your child a financial education can boost their self-esteem, foster strong decision-making skills, and develop a healthy lifelong relationship with money. When it comes to having important financial conversations with kids, many parents don’t know where to begin. That’s why Lincoln Financial has put together a flyer with links to a video, worksheets, and other pieces to help you introduce key financial wellness topics to your kids.

Your Legacy Health retirement program

Your Legacy Health retirement plan is a part of your total compensation package. If put to good use, it could become one of your most important workplace benefits. When you participate, you could reduce your taxable income today, while building retirement savings for tomorrow.

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