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Osaic FA offers brokerage account services through National Financial Services, LLC® (NFS), a well-known, highly respected clearing firm.  

Wealthscape InvestorSM (NFS)

Your account with Osaic FA offers secure, password-protected access to your financial information via the Internet and mobile devices. This flexible and convenient service, along with the advice of your Osaic FA financial professional, can help you make more informed investment decisions.

View the information you need – when you need it – by logging into Wealthscape Investor and save the more complex aspects of your portfolio for discussion with your financial professional.

Take advantage of the Wealthscape InvestorSM account features

  • Quickly view your account information
  • Explore valuable market and research data1
  • Access key documents
  • Use optional online services like account downloads, eDelivery, and Online Bill Pay
  • Stay connected with the WealthscapeSM Investor mobile app

1 Research information is provided by independent sources considered reliable but not guaranteed by Osaic FA.

View our  Wealthscape Investor Brochure

System Requirements

Supported browsers and operating systems

To ensure full functionality, Wealthscape Investor users are encouraged to use only supported browsers, operating systems and native applications to access the Wealthscape Investor and Wealthscape Investor mobile platforms.

Follow these simple steps to review the most up-to-date list:

Register/Update Access

Registration is quick and easy!

If you are listed as an Owner/Holder on your account, you are eligible to enroll using self-registration:

  1. Visit the Wealthscape Investor Login  page 
  2. Click the Register as a new user link
  3. Type in your first and last name, date of birth and last four digits of your Social Security number
  4. Enter your valid 9-digit brokerage account number, if prompted, which can be located on a recent statement
  5. Select a phone number and method for receiving a one-time PIN (OTP)
  6. Enter the PIN, when prompted, to complete the Extra Security Step
  7. You will be prompted to setup a Username (optional) and Password
  8. Upon successful registration, a confirmation page will display your Username/Investor ID

    Important Note: If you create a username, it must be used to log in to Wealthscape Investor. If you do not create one, your investor ID should be used. You should record your new ID before navigating away from the confirmation page as IDs will not be automatically emailed to you after registration.

Upon successful self-registration, your existing NFS brokerage accounts will automatically be linked to your User ID. As new NFS brokerage accounts are opened, they will be systematically linked to your existing User ID.

If your account is linked to a TIN or institutional name (for example: Corporation, LLC, Unincorporated Association, or Unincorporated Church/Religious Order), or your investment portfolio includes one or more Lincoln Premier Series accounts, please begin the registration process.  

Update Access

New accounts may not systematically link to or unlink from your ID if you’re a current Wealthscape Investor user, and:

  • Your ID was created before October 7, 2013
  • Your access was not initiated through the self-enrollment process (for accounts linked to a TIN or Institutional name)
  • You opened a new Premier Series account

Update your existing access to include accounts not systematically linked to your ID.


IDs and passwords uniquely identify each Wealthscape Investor user and ensure secure access to your brokerage accounts. Osaic FA is committed to the security of your account information.  Your password:

  • Can be changed at anytime
  • Must be six to 20 characters
  • Cannot be the same as a previous password
  • Can be reset by selecting Forgot Password on the Wealthscape Investor login page

To create a strong password, it is recommended to include the following:

  • At least one special character
  • No recognizable sequences (e.g., 123456 or 111111)
  • No personally identifiable information (e.g., Social Security number, telephone number, or date of birth)

As an additional measure to help safeguard your confidential information, your password will need to be reset at a minimum of every 365 days. You will receive a reminder when it is time to change your password beginning five days prior to expiration. 

If your password expires before you can change it, or you’ve made three failed attempts to access with the wrong password, you will be locked out. Please call 800-237-3813, press 1 then option 2, to reset an expired/locked password or to retrieve a forgotten Username.


With the added benefits of eDelivery, you’ll receive an email as soon as your documents are available online.  View statements, trade confirmations, prospectuses, shareholder reports, letters, tax forms and other eligible correspondence.

With eDelivery you can:

  • Save time with instant, 24/7 online access
  • Simplify your recordkeeping with electronic storage
  • Access to a rolling 10 years of statements, seven years of trade confirmations, and a minimum of three years of eligible correspondence
  • Reduce the amount of paper you receive by mail
  • Protect your identity with less personal information on paper

Enroll in eDelivery with these easy steps:

  1. Log-in to your online brokerage account. To view your online account documents, you must first enroll for access to Wealthscape Investor. If you are not a current user click here to register
  2. Select Document Delivery Instructions from the Service Menu
  3. Click an account and select the documents you’d like to receive via eDelivery
  4. Click the Save This Account button and the I Agree button to access

Once enrolled in eDelivery, online delivery will begin within 24 hours. You may also receive paper documents already printed, depending on the timing of your enrollment. Any changes made to your eDelivery preferences may take a full statement cycle to be implemented.

Important notes regarding eDelivery:

  • eDelivery is available for brokerage and advisory (Lincoln Premier Series) accounts on the NFS Platform
  • For Joint accounts, only one owner’s email address will receive eDelivery alerts
  • Undeliverable emails
    • - Attempts to deliver the email continue every 90 minutes
    • - After five attempts, an undeliverable email letter is sent to the account holder the same day to notify the account holder that a document is ready for online viewing. It also requests the account holder to review and update the electronic delivery email address if needed
    • - After five undeliverable email letters for confirmations and/or three for statements, the eDelivery service is revoked and the account automatically reverts to paper delivery

Optional Services

Import Tax Data to a Tax Software Service

You can import eligible tax forms from Wealthscape Investor into TurboTax, H&R Block and TaxAct.

  • Forms Eligible for Import –1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-MISC, 1099-OID and 1099-R
  • Tax Form Availability – Availability of tax forms on Wealthscape Investor is subject to their production schedule each year.  Forms in later populations will not be available for import until they are produced
  • Accessible Tax Data – Each tax service software will only pull tax data for accounts that are linked to the Wealthscape Investor ID used during the import process
  • Up to a $20 discount on TurboTax at
  • Up to a $20 discount on H&R Block at
  • 25% discount on most of TaxAct’s products at

You should use the Tax Statement Guides here , or the tax software service, for information regarding importing NFS tax information. Should you face any technical issues, you should contact the tax software service directly. This ensures you have the most up-to-date information regarding the process or technical issues directly from the service provider. 

Download Account Information to Quicken

Downloading your account information directly into Quicken is an easy way to integrate your account information. You’ll be able to monitor your cash flow and track expenses by category such as meals, clothing and travel.  If you would like to download your brokerage account information into Quicken, please contact the third-party vendor directly for support: Quicken Support .

Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay2 can help you save time by streamlining the hassles associated with bill payment and management. With Complete Bill Management and Small Business Edition, you can:

  • Receive, review, pay and organize bills in one place
  • View up to 12 months of bill payment history
  • Schedule automatic and/or recurring payments and payment rules
  • Set up email alerts letting you know when a bill arrives, is coming due, and has been paid
  • Run reports by payee, date, funding account and payment status

Ask your Osaic FA financial professional for additional information on the availability of Online Bill Pay.

2 Online Bill Pay is not appropriate for use with retirement or managed accounts. System response times may vary due to a variety of factors, including trading volumes, market conditions and system performance, and instructions are transacted according to your agreement for using this website.

Wealthscape Investor Mobile

Download the Wealthscape Investor mobile app

Stay connected to your brokerage account when you’re on-the-go. You can view positions, balances and transaction history from your AndroidTM, iPhone® or iPad® anywhere, anytime.

  • Visit the App StoreSM  to download the free app for your iPhone® and iPad®
  • Visit Google PlayTM  to download the free app for your Android phone

Mobile Check Deposit

The Wealthscape Investor mobile app includes a mobile check deposit feature.  Just snap a photo of the check with your iPhone, iPad, or AndroidTM device to make on-the-go deposits directly to your brokerage account.

  • It’s 24/7 access
  • It’s safe and secure
  • It’s easy

Follow these simple steps to deposit your check into your online brokerage account:

  1. Log-in to the Wealthscape InvestorSM mobile app with your login credentials
  2. Locate the "Deposit Check" feature
    - For iPad users, the "Deposit Check" feature is in the upper-right corner.
    - For iPhone and Android users, look for the "More" option, select "Money Movement" and then "Deposit Check" (Android users can find the "More" option by using the Android menu button)
  3. Take a picture of the front and back of the check
  4. Enter the dollar amount of the check
  5. Select the account for deposit; if depositing into more than one account, enter the allocation amount for each account
  6. Verify your deposit information, and then click "Submit"