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The Texas A&M retirement program

Your Texas A&M retirement program is a part of your total compensation package. If put to good use, it could become one of your most important workplace benefits. You can choose to contribute in two different ways. The first is by contributing money before it’s taxed, which is called a pretax contribution. This reduces your current taxable income dollar for dollar, so fewer taxes are withheld each pay period. You’ll pay taxes on your contributions and on any earnings when you withdraw your money, typically at retirement. The second is by contributing money after it’s taxed, which is called a Roth contribution. By paying your taxes now, you secure a source of entirely tax-free money later on, if certain conditions are met. That’s right! Both your contributions and any earnings can be withdrawn tax-free as long they’re part of a qualified distribution. A distribution is considered “qualified” if your Roth account has been established for at least five years and you’re at least age 59½, or if the withdrawal is due to your death or total disability.

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