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Did you know that less than one-third of American workers feel very confident about their ability to afford a comfortable retirement?1

The good news is: You have reason to be confident!

You have access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan. So give your retirement savings a jump-start by taking advantage of this opportunity.

Your Harford County Public Schools retirement program

The Harford County Public Schools retirement plans are a part of your total compensation package. If put to good use, your plans can become some of your most important workplace benefits. When you participate, you can reduce your taxable income today, while building retirement savings for tomorrow.

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Put the power of your retirement plan to work for you.

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1©2021 EBRI/Greenwald Retirement Confidence Survey


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Start saving for retirement – consistently and automatically. How should you start participating in your plan?

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Every investor is different, and your employer offers a variety of investment choices. Have you determined which investment style may be right for you? 

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