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Your investment options

Investing can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, your retirement plan offers two ways of creating a diversified investment portfolio.

Decide how to invest 

  1. Make an all-in-one-choice. Ready to save, but don’t know which direction to take your investments? Consider an all-in-one model to get started. 
  2. Manage it yourself. If you enjoy learning about investments and want to build your own portfolio of investments from the plan’s lineup, this option may be best suited for you.

As your situation changes over time, your investing approach can change, too.  Once you decide on your approach, review your investment options. 

Talk to a retirement representative for education and assistance to help you make informed decisions.   

For detailed information about your investment choices, download your enrollment kit.

403(b) enrollment kit

457(b) enrollment kit


Still unsure?

If you don’t know which investments you want to choose, you can still enroll in the plan and select a contribution rate. Your contributions will be automatically invested in the plan’s Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA).

Mutual funds in the Lincoln Alliance® program are sold by prospectus. An investor should consider carefully the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the investment company before investing. The prospectus and, if available, the summary prospectus contain this and other important information and should be read carefully before investing or sending money. Investment values will fluctuate with changes in market conditions so that, upon withdrawal, your investment may be worth more or less than the amount originally invested. Prospectuses for any of the mutual funds in the Lincoln Alliance® program are available at 800‑234‑3500.

The Lincoln Alliance® program includes certain services provided by Lincoln Retirement Services Company, LLC and Lincoln Financial Group Trust Company, Inc. with wholesale marketing and distribution services provided by Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc. (LFD), a wholesale broker-dealer (member FINRA). All entities listed are affiliates of Lincoln Financial Group, the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation. Unaffiliated broker-dealers also may provide services to customers. Account values are subject to fluctuation, including loss of principal.

This material is provided by The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, Fort Wayne, IN, and, in New York, Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York, Syracuse, NY, and their applicable affiliates (collectively referred to as “Lincoln”). This material is intended for general use with the public. Lincoln does not provide investment advice, and this material is not intended to provide investment advice. Lincoln has financial interests that are served by the sale of Lincoln programs, products and services.